Abstract decorative painting - the function of abstract decorative painting
Abstract cheap large paintings can not only beautify the room, but also enhance a sense of space.
Choose appropriate adornment picture according to the different that decorates a style according to the family, for example contemporary style domestic decoration deserves to go up a few simple abstract adornment picture, can achieve the
effect that raises a space effectively.

Achieve a lively sense of space.
In addition, abstract decorative painting also meets different people's different needs for beauty in life with its unique form.
In practical application, the application scope of decorative art is also very extensive, which involves painting, sculpture and other real art fields. Therefore, it can be seen that abstract decorative painting still has considerable
application value in practical application, and it also conveys different visual beauty effects in different fields.
Even though The Times are changing and the taste is constantly being followed, people in modern society are still inseparable from the art of abstract decorative painting. In fact, it is not only a single art, but also can improve our
personal sentiment, cultivation, charm and show our personal aesthetics.
Therefore, abstract decorative painting, an art with no visual enjoyment, plays an inestimable role in practical application.

Abstract decorative painting - the characteristics of abstract decorative painting
Abstract decorative painting is aimed at painting works with concrete content.
Abstract painting emphasizes the composition of pure painting language, such as point, line, surface, color, brush stroke and texture of the picture, and has metaphor and connotation that can only be expressed by meaning.
It is the spiritual dialogue and emotional communication between the author and the viewer, as well as the embodiment of the author's wisdom.
The production and aesthetic process of abstract decorative paintings is serious.
What looks like a "farce" is a process of extreme composition and very traditional technical rules.
It pays attention to the ingenious and novel conception, strives for the visual balance of symbolized form and color in the picture, pays attention to the contrast, echo and internal integrity of the shape, emphasizes the rhythm and
rhythm of the picture, and explores the rich connotation of form, color, line and texture.

cheap large paintings is to use the simplest line and the simplest color to draw a certain thing, looks relatively simple and clear, some people like, some people do not like, this is about to see the individual himself