Cheap large paintingss-Klimt (1862 ~ 1918), Gustav Klimt Gustav Klimt
Austrian painter.
He was born on July 14, 1862,Oversized Canvas Art in the Vienna suburb of bumgat, and died on February 6, 1918 in the same place.
He studied at the Vienna polytechnic school in his early years.
1890 he joined the Vienna artists association.
The work absorbs various artistic elements of ancient Egypt,Black and White Abstract Canvas Art Greece and the middle ages, combines the surface emphasizing contour
lines with the plane of classical Mosaic to create a unique and appealing painting style.
As baroness echt.
1897 he quit the Vienna artists association and organized the Vienna separatists.
Other works include the kiss, hidden at the Austrian art museum.
His father was engaged in gold and silver engraving and bronze plate technology,Large Abstract Art Sale and klimt was the eldest of his seven children. Under the influence of
this family of arts and crafts, he and his two younger brothers entered the school of arts and crafts affiliated to Austrian art museum of arts and crafts in Vienna to study. After graduation, he made artistic creation of murals and wall

In 1905, the art has a long tradition in the Austrian capital Vienna city, has become a artist association member of klimt organization launched a campaign to oppose academic art old conservatives, not for "Vienna secession" title, makes
every effort to make artistic innovations, advocate the world various nationalities art mutually absorb nutrition, development artists personal style.
His early style socket clique before learning the British and the French impressionists tradition, since established "the secession", began to Assyria, Greece and the Byzantine Mosaic decoration interest into the painting, the use of
"peacock feathers, mother-of-pearl, tinsel piece, the snail shell flower Kuang, colour or gloss", created a "Mosaic" painted by painting, make the works of painting and technology has reached the extreme.
Klimt was a unique artistic personality, with strong ethnic style of painting master, he sees as "only through art, continuously penetrated into life, artists to find the basis, in order to make progress" point of view and his art
practice proved that he is quite keen to real life feeling, this is so he can on the art achievement of the success of a cannot suddenly.